The Unseelie Court is located in Unseelie Lands, is the general gathering place of the Unseelie faeries. Its location is not fixed and moves around within the constantly shifting landscape of Faerie. The fae of the Unseelie Court tend towards malevolence, and are guided by the lords of the Winter and Autumn Courts. The Unseelie fae are often merciless and are likely to be aggressive without provocation. Most people know (even if instinctively) to avoid involvement with the Unseelie, though doing so can prove difficult when such fae may freely lie and mislead those they interact with. Queen Mab was a former matriarch of the Winter Court. She is rumored to still live, somewhere in the far reaches of Faerie; although she now styles herself as the Queen of Air and Darkness.

This family inludes... Eladrin, changelings, drow, and spriggans who are the most populous fae among the Unseelie. MORE COMING SOON

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