As there are thousands (millions?) of Magick 101 primers online, I have decided to omit the beginning levels of instruction, herein. Let me say this another way. This is NOT a primer, a 101, or a teaching website. If you need that level of assistance, I'm sure you can find all the information you need on the internet, at your local coven, or the library.

All too often, practitioners get to a place where there simply is no further assistance, instruction, or obvious opportunities for growth. I say, obvious, because there are always opportunities; however, when you are mired in the mundane emotional upheaval of them, it becomes very difficult to see them, hard to choose to act, and impossible to take control of these gems of Opportunities in Disguise.

If you are a third degree Wiccan, or some other equating level of any of the thousands of branches of Neo-Paganism, they all want to tell you that you are ready for leadership. Many; however, are not interested in leading a Coven, Hive, Guild, etc., and therefore find themselves at a personal impasse as to what to do with themselves.

I hope to provide examples, illustrations, and ideas for those in this Limbo. Some may need simple motivation, while others may need clergy to assist them on their journey. Whatever you need, it is my aim to help point you in the right direction ... for you.